Two in custody for murder of Pandit, son        


Two persons are in custody for the suspected robbery/murder of a 61-year-old pandit and his 28-year-old son.

The men’s partly decomposed bodies were found in their Craig Street, Campbellville home on Tuesday.

The first suspect was arrested at the crime scene on Tuesday as investigators were at the location. That person is said to be a neighbour.

The second suspect was taken into custody on Wednesday. Cellphones belonging to the deceased were found in his possession.

News Room understands that the second suspect told investigators that he bought the phones from a man. The description of the seller fits that of the first suspect in custody.

A postmortem examination conducted by Dr Nehaul Singh revealed that both men died as a result of multiple incise stab wounds.

News Room was informed that the pandit, Deonarine Liliah had eight stab wounds to his abdomen, one to the lower back and one to the right hip.

His son, Gopaul, had three to the back, two to the abdomen and two to the chest.

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