73-Y-O dies in Bush Lot fire, son arrested


A 73-year-old man Saturday morning lost his life after a fire, suspected to be an act of arson, destroyed his home located at Bush Lot Village, West Coast Berbice.

Dead is James Pertab Latchmansingh.

Dead is James Pertab Latchmansingh.

News Room understands that the man was trapped inside the house as the fire ravaged the building, which was reportedly set alight by his son.

Reports reaching the News Room indicate the son has a drug addiction and would often ill-treat the elderly man, and pressure him for money to purchase drugs.

Neighbours told this online publication that Latchmansingh was sickly which limited his mobility. Eyewitnesses recalled seeing smoke emanating from the kitchen area.

The entire house was destroyed by fire.

They made efforts to the save the pensioner but were unable to enter the building as entry points were already consumed by the fire.

The Guyana Fire Service (GFS) arrived at the scene and managed to control the blaze. Firefighters also braved the heat and attempted to save the pensioner but were unsuccessful. The man’s charred remains were later found in the kitchen.

The son was taken into police custody and an investigation has been launched.

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