Gynecologist robbed at gunpoint after St Joseph’s School Reunion


A 33-year-old woman and her male colleague were attacked and robbed by armed gunmen as they were leaving the St Joseph High School reunion.

News Room understands that Judy Hung-Kem, a gynecologist, was robbed of a gold wrist watch worth US$225 while her colleague, Michael Sam, was attacked by the perpetrators.

The incident occurred just after midnight on Friday.

According to information received, two duo left the reunion and made their way to the woman’s car which was parked in the vicinity of the Stella Maris Primary School on Woolford Avenue, a short distance from St Joseph High.

Whilst in the vehicle, two males approached, opened the doors, and demanded that the duo hand over their valuables. Sam was attacked in the process, being lashed to his head with the gun.

The perpetrators later escaped on foot. News Room understands that police found nothing of evidential value and no CCTV camera was in the area. Nonetheless, an investigation has been launched.

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