Drunk drivers in Ruby fatal accident fined, released


The drivers held in the Ruby, East Bank Essequibo fatal accident have been fined and release as the Police seek legal advice on further action.

Sherman Daniels, 44, a logger/labourer of Kamwatta Mission, North West District was struck down by two vehicles last Saturday morning.

Daniels was first struck down at around 1.30 am by motorcar PRR 459 which was proceeding west along the southern carriageway of the road. He was then again struck by motorcar PWW 6353 which was proceeding in the same direction just behind the first vehicle.

The drivers both appeared at the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrate’s Court today and pleaded guilty to a series of charges.

Kimberly Pearson, 21, of Section ‘C’ Block ‘Y’ Grove, East Bank Demerara and driver of PWW 6657 faced a series of charges including driving under the influence of alcohol and being an unlicensed driver. The vehicle was uncertified motor and uninsured. She was fined a total of $77,500.

Sherwin Joseph, 28, of Hyde Park, East Bank Essequibo – the driver of PRR 459 – was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and driving an uninsured, unlicensed and uncertified motor vehicle. He was fined a total of $65,000.00.

They were both released on station bail in respect of the accident since the case file is being compiled and sent for legal advice later this week, Police headquarters stated.

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