Lack of facilities frustrating Green Machine’s CAC preparation


By Akeem Greene 

The Central American & Caribbean (CAC) Games are just two days away and the senior National Rugby team, commonly known as the ‘Green Machine’ are hopping from venue to venue in search of favourable conditions.

One would imagine this team has a fixed training facility given the humongous task that awaits in Barranquilla, Colombia but they have practically been like nomads since both of their facilities in the National Park are not suited for training.

On Saturday, players were seen picking up pieces of broken bottles from the field at the Parade Ground before suiting up for practice.

“Well that has been the hardest part, working from place to place. We had a period at the National park but it got sloppy and we did some work at YMCA, now we are at the Parade ground.

“We are trying to see how best we can get everything in order”, Head coach Lawrence Adonis told News Room Sport.

Looking at the positives, Adonis feels improving defence is critical in their chances of possibly emulating the performance of 2010 when they won gold at Games held in Puerto Rico.

Head Coach Lawrence Adonis having a tactical discussion with players before practice at the Parade ground

“We will get it together, mostly we have to work on our defence and discipline ourselves and try to keep everyone in place”.

Apart from ensuring the scrum is fluid but still able to withstand pressure, Adonis spoke of the need for speed and players understanding each other.

Additionally, Colombia stands at 13,123 ft above sea level but the coach is not too worried about the high altitude but rather the heat anticipated since based on the reports he received, it is extremely hot.

The national team is slated to depart these shores on July 29 and return on August 4. They qualified for the Games despite surrendering their Rugby Americas North title 24-28 to Jamaica in Mexico City last November.

The full team reads: Dwayne Schroeder (Captain), Claudius Butts, Avery Corbin, Richard Staglon, Peabo Hamilton, Patrick King, Ronald Mayers, Jamal Angus, Godfrey Broomes, Rondel McArthur and Ryan Gonsalves.

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