‘It will rain fabulousness for Naya Zamana 22’ – Dharmic Sabha


This year’s Naya Zamana will “rain fabulousness,” the organisers of the theatrical production promised Wednesday.

The 22nd edition of the event will be held on August 25th at the National Cultural Centre. Naya Zamana is staged by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha.

“…the production’s formula of dance melded with drama, set against breathtaking backdrops, has captured a loyal fan following whether the show plays at home or in New York,” the Sabha stated in a press release.

The production is the creative vision of Dr Vindhya Vasini Persaud who scripts, directs, choreographs and produces Naya Zamana.

Her sister, Trishala Simantini Persaud, serves as the set and costume designer and has become known for the dazzling and beautiful costumes that are a signature of the production.

Special lighting and sound will be added for enhanced effect, the Sabha added.

Regarding the production, the Sabha stated: “The vibrant and cutting-edge choreography and the new story each year captures the emotions of the audience as they are taken on a roller coaster of the actors’ journeys of romance, ambition, jealousy and other battles.

“The liberal interspersing of Bollywood, creative, lyrical and Indian classical and folk dance by graceful and energetic dancers makes this production magical, memorable and not one you would want to miss!”

Tickets for Naya Zamana 22 are on sale at the National Cultural Centre, Dharmic Kendra, Red Mango, E-Networks and Bhagwan’s and cost $3500, $3000 and $2000.

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