Police Force sees reduction in complaints against Officers


Complaints of Police harassment and inappropriate conduct by officers are not yet a thing of the past but the Force has seen a reduction over the past year.

According to Commissioner of Police (ag), David Ramnarine, the Guyana Police Force recorded a 39.5% reduction in complaints against Police officers between July 2017 and June 2018.

He made this announcement on Wednesday as several officers received awards and promotions for their contribution in fighting crime at a ceremony held as part of the Force’s 179th Anniversary Celebrations.

Ramnarine reported that there were 394 complaints from mid-2016 to mid-2017 but this was reduced to 283 from mid-2017 to July this year.

Complaints against officers include harassment, assault, neglect of duties, wrongful arrests, corrupt practices, sexual harassment and fraudulent conversion.

Ramnarine said reported cases of police harassment was slashed by 50% with 140 complaints in the first half of 2018 compared to 280 in the first half of 2017.

Preliminary analysis, the acting Commissioner said, shows that the reduction may be a result of reluctance from persons to file complaints.

However, he also credited improved supervision, swift action by leaders of the force and severe punishment for the progress made.

A total of 1,967 ranks were on Wednesday awarded. The trophies and monetary awards totalled some $19.5M dollars, an increase from 2017’s $15.3M.

87 special ranks were awarded, 22 Community policy officers and 24 traffic officers were awarded for arrests, seizures and other crime-fighting skills demonstrated over the past year.

Police, CPG and Rural Constabulary Awardees

The Acting Commissioner also issued ‘On the spot’ promotions to five ranks. Tewo Lance Corporals were promoted to Corporals while one Constable was promoted to a Lance Corporal. Additionally, two persons from the Special Constabulary were promoted to Sergeant and Lance Corporal.

On the spot Promotions

Ramnarine also outlined achievements over the past year and plans in the pipeline to improve the works of the police force over the next year.

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