‘Titans’ bringing technology to forefront at Table Tennis camp


Titans Table Tennis Club’s summer camp is in full swing and the ultimate goal, according to Head Coach Dwain Dick, is to bring new players into the fray.

In this undertaking, Dick wants to expose players to new technological advancements in the sport to assist in the expansion of their repertoire.

“We recognized that when you look at established players in Latin America and beyond, most of those players are going overseas to craft their skills and it is because industrialized countries have high-level equipment and modernized coaching so we are trying to follow in that footstep and do our small part,” Dick contended.

When News Room Sport visited the camp at its Westfield Prep School location in Parade Street, Kingston, on Wednesday, it was a hive of activity under the guidance of the International Table Tennis Federation certified coach.

Many young children were bubbling with great enthusiasm, learning the elementary of table tennis. However, the Coach does not want the learning to cease when the camp culminates but rather for players continuously improve by joining clubs.

Coach Dwain Dick observes Chase Outar practicing a forearm drill with one of the ball dispersal machines at the camp

“The objective is to bring new persons to the game and retain our most talented national players by keeping them engaged and helping them raise their level of play.”

The camp caters for ages six to 18 and the Coach, who has been at the helm of the club since its inception in 2011, has a robust plan to bring the best out of players.

“For the beginners we just want to teach basic strokes but national players and intermediate will work on serves, tactics and physical building that we don’t usually get to do.”

Currently, the camp has 25 students but Dick expects that number to reach 35 before the two-week course is completed on July 28.

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