VIDEO: Dead bandits had “long criminal history” – Top Cop


Three of the five bandits who were killed during an attempted robbery at Pattensen, Greater Georgetown this morning had a long criminal history, Police Commission (ag) David Ramnarine announced at a press conference.

Police are trying to ascertain if the other two dead individuals had any criminal record.

The dead men have been identified as Timothy St. Hill, Levi Braithwaite, Adrian Daly, Ian Forde and Jermaine Doobay.

St Hill, 38, was charged in 2015 with unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition; in 2016 with possession of narcotics; in 2017 with attempted robbery and break and enter and larceny, and in 2018 with setting fire to the Diamond/Grove Police Station.

St Hill also aided the “notorious prison escapees” who broke out of the Camp Street Prison amid a fire last year.

According to the Top Cop, he was “very instrumental” in providing the fugitives with medical supplies, food and clothing.

In 2017, Braithwaite, 31, of North Ruimveldt, was charged with robbery under arms while Daly, 40, of West Minster, was charged with break and enter and larceny.

Ramnarine said investigators are still running background checks on Force and Doobay.

The five men were killed during an exchange of gunfire with members of two patrols that responded to a 911 call around 03:00hrs by a male occupant of a house.

The Police Commissioner said a man resided at the building in the gated community with his wife, two children and a grandchild. They are said to be caretakers of the house which belongs to a businessman who lives in Florida, USA.

Police Commissioner (ag) David Ramnarine

Ramnarine commended the work of the police officers.

“Their bravery will not go unnoticed, it is highly commendable, they did not back off, they did not retreat in the name of law and order,” he expressed.

Though he could not say exactly how many ranks responded, Ramnarine explained that an anti-crime patrol in ‘C’ Division as well as a Criminal Investigations Department (CID) plainclothes patrol proceeded to the premises, which is located a short distance away from the MovieTowne complex that is under construction.

When the ranks approached the location, they observed two men in the yard. Upon seeing the ranks, the perpetrators opened fire and the police officers fired back.

A third man, who was in the compound, was caught in the exchange of gunfire. Ramnarine said “seconds after” a white motorcar approached and two men began to shoot at the police. The officers took cover and returned fire.

The bodies of the five men were subsequently taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Police recovered at the crime scene an AK-47 rifle with two magazines which were taped together, a number of live rounds and two other rifles.

The items recovered by police from the crime scene.

At the press conference, all the items taken into evidence were laid bare for the media to witness.

The Commissioner of Police explained that in cases like these, the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) will launch an investigation.

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