Cops use pepper, scotch tape to torture teen suspect


The Police have launched an investigation into the alleged torture committed on a 19-year-old businessman of Ankerville, Port Mourant on Friday last.

Jameek Hakim told News Room that he was savagely beaten and almost drowned after ranks accused him of snatching a gold chain.

Recalling the incident, Hakim said he was at home when the Police arrived and took him to the Whim Police Station without informing him of the reason.

“They carry me to the station and put me to kneel as they beat me in my head and shoulder with a black wire. I was stomp on and kicked and slapped,” the young man recalled.

He claimed that the ranks then placed a container with water in front of him and asked him about the gold chain. According to Hakim, he told the cops that he had no knowledge of the incident.

The teenager remains in tremendous pain and has marks of violence about his body.

“He [policeman] then take my head and duck it in the water. I thought I would ah drowned because I drink a lot water”

The young man further alleged that the same policeman then placed a plastic bag over his head, put pepper in his mouth and sealed it with scotch-tape.

Hakim, who retails household items for a living, told News Room that he was kept in custody for 72 hours and subsequently transferred to the Reliance Police Station where he was charged with Larceny on Tuesday, July 24 and released on self-bail.

The teenager remains in tremendous pain and has marks of violence about his body. He is calling for justice and for the cops to be dealt with.

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