Bandits fail to break open safe at Wismar post Office


A group of suspected bandits failed in their attempt to break open the safe at the Wismar Post Office, Linden after entering the building by ripping out the back window and safety grill.

News Room understands that the post office was secured last Friday by Wilbert Greene, the Post Master, who, as is usual practice, padlocked the main door.

On Thursday morning at about 04:08 hrs, a man ran to the Wismar Police Station and shouted that smoke was coming from the Post Office a short distance away.

As a result, the Linden Fire Station was summoned and ranks responded to the report. On arrival, it was observed that smoke was emitting from the bottom flat. The ranks broke the main door and entered where they observed a small fire with papers burning.

The fire was put out and upon checking the bottom flat it was observed that a northern back window and grill were ripped out.

The entire lower flat of the building was ransacked. A metal safe which was attached to the northern wall was ripped out and resting in front of the broken window and grill (inside).

The top layer of the safe surface was torched but the suspect(s) did not gain access into the safe.

A detailed search was conducted by the Post Master but nothing was discovered stolen.

An internal audit is being conducted to verify all valuable and documents are in order and accounted for.

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