AFC going solo at LGE is a political ploy – PPP



The deceitful, unscrupulous politics of the Alliance for Change (AFC) has reared its ugly head once again. This political party, since collating with the APNU in 2015, has adopted inconsistent, flip-flopping and deceptive political postures as it struggles to survive as a relevant political force.

We have seen how it flip-flopped on many issues in the past, including; the parking meter contract, VAT on education, the sugar industry and even before they entered into the Coalition, Khemraj Ramjattan is on public record saying that the AFC will never enter into a Coalition with the APNU/PNC because if it does so, it will be “dead meat”.

In short, the AFC has consistently taken public positions on issues, attempting to fool the populace in so doing, only to strengthen its negotiation leverage with APNU.

The announcement that it will contest the upcoming Local Government Elections separate from APNU is part of this ploy. Again, the intent can be gleaned from its public statement in which it indicated that it will not contest in all of the Local Authority areas.

The trickery is that they will come into certain PPP strongholds in which APNU will not contest, as a Trojan horse, pretending to be independent of the APNU in order to garner some sympathy votes in these areas.

That they think they can pull off such clumsy stunts is illustrative of the lack of respect which they have for the intelligence of the Guyanese electorate.

We call upon every single Guyanese not to allow themselves to be used by this moribund cabal of untrustworthy politicians, grasping at the last straw for their survival.

People’s Progressive Party
August 5th, 2018

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