Berbice Murder/Suicide: Police left woman in house with abusive ex-husband


Police are investigating the reported murder and suicide of a wife and husband which occurred today at 101 Chesney New Housing Scheme, Corentyne, Berbice.

Dead are 29-year-old Sabrina Lakhan and her ex-husband Ramesh Ramdeen, 42. It is alleged that Ramdeen slit the woman’s throat and then turned the weapon on himself.

News Room understands that the couple has been separated for approximately three months now and Sabrina returned to the house Monday with two Police Officers to collect her clothing and other personal belongings at around 10am.

The woman had just left the Albion Magistrate’s Court where she acquired a restraining order.

However, according to reports, the Police Officers left the couple at the house at around midday. Police alleged that the woman told the police officers that she no longer wishes to remove from the home after which they departed.

The woman had already packed her clothing and other belongings in the house

It is claimed that the ex-husband launched his vicious attack shortly after the Police left.

The woman’s brother, Avinash Lakhan told reporters that after he received a telephone call about his sister screaming inside the locked house, he rushed to the scene.

‘I went and rent a vehicle and when I came, I reached the police on the dam on their way here. The police reached before us and said we cannot enter…then when we came in, the police called me in the corner and told me what happened,” the tearful brother said.

Neighbours reportedly heard the woman screaming to her ex-husband that she loves him and would not leave him. After the screaming stopped, they telephoned the Albion Police Station.

Struggling to hold back tears, the woman’s brother said he saw his sister earlier on Monday and she told him that she will soon begin the process to get child support from her ex-husband.

Residents gathered outside the house

The couple has three girls, ages 13, 8 and 6.

Lakhan’s body was found in the upper flat of the home lying on her abdomen in a pool of blood, with her throat slit. Ramdeen was also found in a pool of blood with his throat slit, in the lower flat of the house. It is believed that he rolled down the inner stairs after injuring himself.

A cane cutter cutlass believed to be the murder weapon was found next to Lakhan’s body.


Police said that it is not the first time that the man has threatened to kill his ex-wife and he was a known alcohol abuser. 

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