Gunmen invade Albouystown house


Police are on the hunt for three men, all armed with guns, who attacked a family at their Lot 916 James Street, Albouystown Georgetown home at about 5:30am on Saturday.

Police headquarters reported 18-year-old Zoveena Khan, 20-year-old Sudourka Goodhand and 59-year-old Neesha Seepaul were in the yard when the suspects entered, held them at gunpoint and took them into the lower flat of the house where they relieved them of two phones, a gold chain and $100,000 in cash.

News Room understands that the gunmen then took the women upstairs and robbed two other victims – a 67-year-old pensioner of US$10,000 and 43-year-old Nandranie Persaud of $15,000 cash and two cell phones.

The gunmen escaped on foot; investigations are ongoing.

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