Man shot in face after fighting off bandits


By Devina Samaroo

The heroic act of a 20-year-old man of Good Hope, East Coast of Demerara (ECD) has left him with a gunshot wound to the face as he fought off bandits who attempted to rob them Saturday night.

Anzan Ladoux is currently recovering at a city hospital and his family fears that he may lose his hearing, as a result of his injuries.

News Room understands that Ladoux, his mother, siblings and neighbours – a total of ten persons– were liming on the bridge outside his home when they noticed two suspicious men on a motorcycle enter the street at around 9pm.

After observing the suspicious movements of the men, everyone decided to head home but as they were making their way to safety, the bandits struck.

While everyone was running for shelter, the young man slammed the gate shut on the perpetrators – one of whom pulled out a gun and discharged a round, which struck him to right side jaw and exited near his ear.

The men subsequently escaped on their motorbike, abandoning their mission to execute the robbery. Police were alerted and the man was rushed for medical attention.

When News Room visited the family Monday morning, the young man’s mother, Gangadai was still in shock.

Recalling what transpired, she expressed being fearful of continuing to live in the area. Gangadai noted that even her husband is contemplating whether the family should migrate.

The mother of five says it hurts that her son’s face has been slightly disfigured but she is proud of his courage to stand up against the bandits and save his family.

“Actually ma son save all of us but he couldn’t help himself. But he pushed this gate with his strength,” the mother recounted.

She noted that in her moment of panic, she did not even bother checking to make sure that everyone was safe. When she heard the gunshot, she rushed back outside and saw her son lying on the ground.

Her youngest daughter, aged 9, was hiding behind a parrot pen while her 17-year-old son took cover behind a post.

Gangadai says her family is so terrified after the incident that they all sleep together, and even when they do, they endure restless nights.

The community is also scared as just last Thursday, two bandits also on a motorcycle broke into a house nearby.

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