AmCham launched to promote US-Guyana trade


The American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana (AmCham) was officially launched on Monday evening with a vision to promote trade between the United States and Guyana.

AmCham is a voluntary association of US enterprises and individuals doing business in a given country, and it seeks to promote intercountry trade and create new opportunities for market access between the two countries.

During the launch, which took place at the Marriott Hotel, US Ambassador Perry Holloway delivered a presentation on the importance of AmCham to Guyana, especially on the country’s cusp of massive oil wealth.

“For Guyana, this is a perfect time to launch an AmCham affiliate. AmCham-Guyana will promote and create US-Guyana trade and business opportunities and partnerships,” the US Ambassador stated.

The diplomat added that AmCham will also share in the exchange of best practices for institutions and system building, bringing benefits to the people of both nations.

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, in his remarks, noted that AmCham will “complement and add value” to the structures in the local private sector.

Headed by Mr Zulfikar Ally of Queens Atlantic Investments, the Chamber aims to encourage networking and build valuable business connections as well as to promote mutually beneficial business relations and partnerships between Guyanese and American companies.

Ally noted that, under his leadership, AmCham will aim to improve Guyana’s competitiveness internationally and he encouraged businesses to use the Association as a starting point to be educated on opportunities and challenges in “doing business”.

“We want to bring new ideas, new technology, and skills… we want to be the leader in private sector change,” he expressed.

AmCham Board Members include Clairmont Cummings of Corum Group, Dave Kissoon of London House Chambers, Justice Nedd of the Guyana Telephone Telegraph Inc., Rod Henson of ExxonMobil, George Kalantzakis of Hess Corporation, Rafael Nabi of Nabi Construction Inc., Andrew Mendoza of Baker Hughes, Fitzroy McLeod of NAMILCO, Saskia Wijngarrde of RED Entertainment, Jorge Medina of Macorp, Yolander Persaud of Massy Group, Richard Sammy of Republic Bank, Marisca Jordan of RAMPS Logistics, Liz Wyatt of Sol Guyana, Davie Sukdeo of Marriott Guyana and Paul James of Fix-It Hardware.

AmCham had earlier in the day met with President David Granger at State House, according to a statement from the Ministry of the Presidency.

In his interaction with the new business association, the Head of State noted that Guyana is opened for business in all areas of economic development.

“We will do whatever we can do to promote and stabilise trade and investment because what’s good for Guyana is good Guyanese. This can only work to the benefit to both sides. Small businesses are welcomed and if they can be given some training, like how to write a proposal or business plan, then there is so much we can do,” he is quoted as saying.

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