Brazilian miner was shot in head – PME Report


The Brazilian miner, who was killed allegedly by local cops on August 11 in Puruni River, Region 7, was shot in the back of the head, a postmortem examination has found.

Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh opined that 37-year-old Estevao Costa Marques was shot from a range of more than five feet, which could mean that he was running away at the time of the incident.

Reports indicate that the Police Constable who admitted to shooting the miner is refusing to partake in an identification parade. The policeman claimed that the miner shot at them first, causing them to return fire.

Police Headquarters had revealed that two ranks – a Subordinate Officer and Police Constable of Kurupung Police Station abandoned their post sometime Friday morning for patrol duties.

They ended up at the Puruni Landing, Region Seven around midday Saturday. Police Headquarters said the Subordinate Officer remained in the boat while the armed constable proceeded to a shop.

Shortly after, two explosions were heard, causing the Subordinate Officer to make enquiries.

According to the police, the Subordinate Officer said the Constable told him that a male discharged a round at him and he returned fire.

The body of the Brazilian was seen lying on the ground a short distance away; he was picked up, placed in a boat and taken to the main landing.

Reports indicate that relatives of Marques witnessed the fatal shooting of the miner and they were brought down to police headquarters for questioning.

Police are currently preparing a file for legal advice.





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