Guyanese character featured in new superhero film


A superhero with Guyanese heritage will be featured in the upcoming fantasy film Celflux, which is being produced by a Trinidadian firm, GemGFX.

Named ‘Ignition’, the superhero will wear the colours of the Golden Arrowhead and played by London-based Executive Producer ‘WeAreAnansi’.

WeAreAnansi [real name Micah Adams] was born in the United Kingdom but his grandparents are from Guyana.

“I’m really looking forward to being a part of something special and look forward to further putting Guyana on the map in the comic world,” WeAreAnansi told News Room during an interview.

Guyanese’ actresses Letitia Wright and Shaunette Wilson recently rose to fame for their roles in the blockbuster Marvel Comic Movie, Black Panther.

The creators of Celflux aspire to create their own superhero universe, comprising of ordinary people who find the courage to do extraordinary things.

It follows the story of a benevolent priestess who becomes the involuntary leader of a disjointed group of strangers including the Guyanese character.

WeAreAnansi says his character represents the strengths of Guyanese heroes.

“He’s based on the heroes from Guyana, he has our confidence, our strength and our quick thinking, he wears Guyanese flag colours and has an affinity to be able to blow stuff up.”

WeAreAnansi along with his cousin Jafro, also of Guyanese heritage, will be contributing to the soundtrack of this new sci-fi fantasy.

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