QC students top CSEC, CAPE


Queen’s College students, Christian Pile, Aadilah Ali and Michael Bhopaul are this year’s top performers at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE).

Pile attained 19-grade ones at CSEC while Ali and Bhopaul both attained eight grade ones at CAPE.

Pile, who is elated at his performance, told the News Room that he attended extra lessons in the mornings and evenings to ensure that his grades were exemplary.

“I am really proud of myself, it is nothing I didn’t expect, I always expect that just I wouldn’t sure it would have been the top,” he said during an interview.

He was followed by Shakira Bholo from the Anna Regina Secondary with 18-grade ones and 2 twos. Coming in third was Salma Majeed from the ISA Islamic School with18 grade ones. Attaining fourth place was Areeb Ali with 17 ones, 3 twos and 1 three.

Salma Majeed

Education Minister, Nicolette Henry reported that the pass rate at CSEC improved from 63.68% in 2017 to 69.1% in 2018.

There was a tie for the top position at this year’s CAPE; those persons being Queens College Aadilah Ali and Michael Bhopaul who gained eight grade ones.

Areeb Ali

Bhopaul also told the News Room that he expected his performance as he always maintained excellent performance throughout his school years.

Shakira Bholo

The 17-year-old was Guyana’s top performer at the 2017 CSEC exams. He recorded 24-grade ones and one grade 2. In 2012, he also shared the top spot with 547 marks.

However, Ali who is hoping to pursue a career in medicine was overwhelmed with emotions as she learnt of her achievement.

“I am so shocked and surprised and really happy because I didn’t expect to do this well, I know I would have done well but not like this well,” she said.

The scholar noted that she did not study many extra hours but was consistent.

“I just studied whenever I have time. I am not a hardcore studier, I just study when I have time to study,” she told the News Room.

Third place at CAPE was achieved by Sariah Singh with seven grade ones and two grade twos, followed by Rajiv Muneshwar who attained seven grade ones. Both Singh and Muneshwar are also students of Queen’s college.

According to the Education Ministry, Guyana recorded an improved pass rate at this year’s CXC examinations.

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