Marijuana, phones found at NA Prison


Ranks of the Guyana Prison Service and the Guyana Police Force on Saturday morning conducted a search of the New Amsterdam prison where a number of prohibited items were found.

According to the police, five grams of Marijuana, five cell phones along with a number of improvised weapons, lighters and phone chargers were discovered.

Just over three weeks ago (July 24, 2018) officers seized over forty prohibited items along with 146 ziploc bags of marijuana from the New Amsterdam Prison during an impromptu search.

Director of Prison (ag), Gladwin Samuels had reported that and six cell phones, 146 Ziploc bags of Narcotics amounting to 292 grams, 12 phone chargers, five cigarettes, eight Improvised weapons/ Jucker, three SIM cards and seven lighters were discovered.

He was also quick to point out that efforts are constantly being made to prevent the items from entering the prison.

Earlier this year, Superintendent Deoraj Gyandat, Officer-in-charge of the New Amsterdam Prison told reporters that a major challenge to fighting smuggling is posed by the close proximity of residential areas around the prison.

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