Man battling for life after suspected hit and run


A 31-year-old man of Garden of Eden, East Bank of Demerara (EBD) is battling for his life after a suspected hit and run.

The body of Munir Amir, also known as ‘Ryan’, was discovered in a pool of blood in the wee hours of Monday at First Dam, a short distance from his home.

The neighbour, Ralph Harrinaraine, told News Room that he was on his way to the market when he found the man crawling and covered in blood at around 2am.

Harrinaraine said Ryan’s skull is fractured, his face is smashed in and his right pupil had fallen out of its socket.

It is believed Ryan, who was at a wedding house several villages away, was making his way home in a drunken state when he was struck by a motor vehicle.

The neighbour, Ralph Harrinaraine

The street where he was found is not equipped with streetlights and since there were no other marks on his body, it is suspected that the man had passed out on the road when the incident occurred.

After finding Ryan, Harrinaraine rushed home to alert his Father-in-law, and they revisited the scene.

The Father-in-law, Andrew Neblette then went to inform Amir’s relatives and they took him to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre.

Amir was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he underwent surgery and is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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