Chinese businessman beaten, robbed at gunpoint


The owner of the Real Value Supermarket located at Lot 246 Church and Thomas Street, Georgetown was on Tuesday morning badly beaten and robbed of a sum of foreign and local currency by approximately three bandits, all armed with handguns.

News Room understands that the suspects entered the upper flat of the building which is occupied by the 40-year-old businessman, Jun Wong and his relatives between 3:00hrs and 4:15hrs.

News Room was reliably informed that the bandits managed to steal a $7M Guyana dollars, $30,000 US dollars, the businessman’s licensed firearm, 2 million dollars in jewellery and five iPhones.

The men reportedly gained access to the building through a door on the eastern side which was unlocked.

The bandits attacked the businessman, who was asleep at the time and forced him to unlock a safe containing foreign and local currencies along with other valuables.

The suspects escaped by unlocking the building’s main southern doors and joined a vehicle that was waiting on them.

News Room visited the supermarket on Tuesday morning but no one was available to speak to the media. Police officers were still at the scene reviewing footage from CCTV cameras attached to the building.

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