St. Stanislaus College students attain 96% passes at CSEC, CAPE


St. Stanislaus College students attained 96.23% overall passes in this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and 96.03% in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE), a statement from the 152-year-old institution noted.

Sherlock Langevine was the top CSEC performer with 14 Grade Ones, closely followed by Amarnauth Narain with 12 Grade Ones and 3 Grade Twos.

Other top CSEC performers are:

  • Tassia Bacchus with 11 Grade Ones and 1 Grade Two,
  • Nathan Hackett with 10 Grade Ones,
  • Nectar Prince with 10 Grade Ones and 2 Grade Two,
  • Eleesha Sanasie with 10 Grade Ones and 1 Grade Three,
  • Ryan Khan with 9 Grade Ones and 4 Grade Twos and 1 Grade Three,
  • Nia Williams with 9 Grade Ones and 4 Grade Twos),
  • Lennox Hopkinson with 9 Grade Ones and 1 Grade Two,
  • Skekeria Taitt with 9 Grade Ones and 1 Grade Two, and
  • Julia Williams with 9 Grade Ones and 1 Grade Two.

The top CAPE performers were:

  • Rashma Surjnarine with 8 Grade Ones and 3 Grade Twos,
  • Reya Persaud with 6 Grade Ones, 3 Grade Twos and 2 Grade Threes,
  • Aleah Marks with 4 Grade Ones and 5 Grade Twos,
  • Leshonda Kellman with 4 Grade Ones, 3 Grade Twos, 2 Grade Threes,
  • Shaniah Reece with (4 Grade Ones, 3 Grade Twos, and 2 Grade Threes,
  • Tamara Cummings with 4 Grade One and 6 Grade Threes, and
  • Chelsea James with 3 Grade Ones and 6 Grade Twos.

The Saints students achieved perfection with 100% passes in the following 18 CSEC subjects: Caribbean History, Economics, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, English A, English B, Food and Nutrition, Geography, Industrial Technology Electrical, Information Technology, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Office Administration, Physical Education and Sport, Portuguese, Principles of Business, Agricultural Science, Social Studies and Technical Drawing.

The English Department secured the following excellent results: English A: Grade 1 (83.67%), Grade 2 (16.33%); English B: Grade 1(34.88%), Grade 2 (56.98%), Grade 3(8.14%). While the Mathematics Department accomplished the following outstanding results: Grade 1 (65.17%), Grade 2 (30.34%), Grade 3 (4.49%).

In the Foreign Languages Department, the students were very successful with the Portuguese Language exam, (which was taken for the first time in 2017), achieving the following exceptional results: Grade 1(7.41%), Grade 2 (59.26%), Grade 3 (33.33%).

According to the school, the College’s overall results at the CSEC/CAPE examinations continue to show steady progress, a reflection of the joint pursuit by the dedicated staff and the receptive learners of the school’s motto of ‘Aeterna Non Caduca’ (L) – Not for this life only but for Eternity.

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