Q&A: “Badminton allows me to travel and explore the world”


Guyana’s top female player Priyanna Ramdhani says badminton has allowed her to travel and explore the world. The 16-year-old, who recently represented Guyana at the CAREBACO Senior and Junior Championship in Suriname, spoke to Badminton Pan America recently, sharing insights on her career achievements and future plans.

Here’s the full interview:

Badminton Pan America (BPA): At what age did you start in Badminton and how do you get into this sport?

Priyanna Ramdhani (PR): “I started playing Badminton at age of five. My father influenced me to get into Badminton”.

BPA: In how many tournaments did you participate and what were your best results?

PR: “I participated in more than 20 tournaments. My best results are Bronze medals at Pan Am Junior Championships and Gold at several CAREBACO Junior Championships”. 

BPA: To how many countries have badminton taken you?

PR: “Badminton has taken me to 13 countries: Suriname, Barbados, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Aruba, among others.

BPA: Which are your short and medium term objectives as a badminton player?

PR: “To participate and receive a medal at the Olympic Games, and Help increase the popularity of Badminton around the world”.

BPA: Do you perform other activities in parallel to your career as an athlete such as study or work?

PR: “Yes, I attend High school at Marian Academy”. 

BPA: How sacrificed is it to train and study or work at the same time?

PR: “It’s very hard to balance my academics and sport but I put a lot of effort to maintain that”. 

BPA: In addition to sport satisfactions, what others things does badminton give you?

PR: “Badminton allows me to travel and explore the world”. 

BPA: Which are your favorite hobbies?

PR: “Playing sports (Badminton, football, etc), painting, listening to music”. 

BPA: Who was your first coach?

PR: “My first coach was Gokarn Ramdhani, my father”. 

BPA: Which club do you represent?

PR: “I represent the Yonex Badminton Club and Guyana Badminton Association”.

BPA: What is the hardest thing of being a high-level athlete?

PR: “Balancing my academics and sport”. 

BPA: Have you ever played at the Pan Am Junior Championships? How did it go?

PR: “Yes, four times; I won two Bronze in 2012, one bronze in 2011 and one bronze in 2010”.

BPA: What would you say to people who want to practice badminton but see that it is not very popular in their country?

PR: “Do not let the Badminton popularity in your country affect you from practicing it. You should be the one to promote Badminton in your country and to increase the popularity and always know you can practice if you want. Telling your friends and family about the sport is a good start and also encouraging them to play for it develops both physical and mental being”. (http://www.badmintonpanam.org)

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