“I begged them not to kill us” – siblings recount horrifying details after robbery


By Devina Samaroo

Nomina Ramdohal, 44, and her brother, Robin were enjoying their Friday evening when out of nowhere, three masked gunmen stormed their house and attacked them at around 7pm.

They live in a flat unpainted concrete house at Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD) with Nomina’s son and a stepsister.

Robin was sitting on a makeshift bench outside, waiting for his nephew to return home – as he does every day.

“Then these three men walk up and start beat me up and tell me to take them inside,” Robin told News Room.

Fearing for his life, the man reluctantly obliged and led the three bandits into his home.

The siblings do not earn much. Nomina does babysitting while Robin does construction work. The bandits escaped with US$507 and $70,000 in cash as well as two gold rings and a gold chain.

“They took all we had. All we hard earned cash and valuables,” Nomina cried as she recalled the horrifying experience.

The house where the robbery occurred.

She said the culprits hit her brother in his head with their guns and demanded they hand over the “gold”.

“I cried and begged them not to kill we and I told them we didn’t had any gold,” she tearfully recounted.

Showing no remorse, however, the bandits kicked her in the stomach then beat her in the head with the gun.

The perpetrators did not attack the stepsister but they tied up the siblings before they ransacked the house in search of money and jewellery.

Nomina said they all had to lie face down and the moment someone raised up to peep, one of the perpetrators would hit them.

After about thirty minutes, Nomina said the place fell silent and she waited a little before raising up.

Confident that the bandits were gone, she wiggled her way out of her bondage and went to the kitchen to get a knife to set her siblings free.

With blood all over her face, she went over to the neighbour’s house for help.

She was taken to the Golden Grove Police Station and then she and her brother went to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre for treatment.

Nomina lived in the area for about three years and apart from petty crimes like thieves taking away clothes from the line or shoes from the yard, she never had such a terrifying experience.

“I thought it was over. I thought I was going to die,” she cried.

Meanwhile, the brother believes the home invasion was a setup.

“When the thing happen, the streetlights went off and when them man gone, the lights come on back,” he recalled.

Robin hopes the police catches the perpetrators and that they face the full force of the law. He also hopes that he gets an opportunity to “deal with them”.

“I want see them to deal with them because people does wuk hard for their money,” he expressed.

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