Officers resign after marijuana find at Lusignan Prison


Two ranks, who were attached to the Lusignan Prison, are being investigated by the Police Force for being in possession of 398 grams of marijuana along with cigarettes inside the penitentiary.

Prison Director (ag), Gladwin Samuels revealed that on Tuesday, August 28, a rank who was detailed to work from 18:00hrs to 06:00hrs reported for duty at 20:04hrs with marijuana and cigarettes in his possession.

Mr Samuels noted that the presence of the contraband in the prison became known and the Gate Keeper alerted the rank who brought it in and opened the gate to allow the rank to get rid of the contrabands.

“Both ranks when confronted, confirmed the information was true and tendered their resignations. The matter was however reported to the police for investigation and possible charges.

“The motto of the Guyana Prison Service which is ‘Together in Service’ was fully activated by some ranks of the Lusignan Prison to facilitate their wrongdoings,” the Prison Director said.

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