Prisoner busted with 71 packs ganja inside slippers


A prisoner who is serving a one-year sentence for larceny may have his time extended at the Lusignan Prison after he was busted with 71 packets of marijuana hidden inside a pair of slippers he was wearing at the time.

Prison Director (ag), Gladwin Samuels said that the illegal substance amounted to 35 grams; the prisoner was caught after ranks observed that the slippers he was wearing were not the ones he left the prison with.

The discovery was made at about 13:45hrs Saturday, when a Prison Officer on duty conducted a search on him after he returned from delivering meals at the Holding Bay.

Meanwhile, in a separate case, a civilian driver has been detained at the New Amsterdam Prison after the truck he was driving was searched by a policeman on duty at the prison and four packs of cigarettes were found behind the driver’s seat at around 16:25hrs Saturday.

Mr Samuels said the driver is a frequent deliveryman of dietary items to the prison.

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