Some schools in operation, students sent home at others


It is the first day back to school for the new term but several public schools on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) and Linden were forced to send students home after teachers did not show up for work following the countrywide strike action by the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU).

Among the schools that News Room confirmed have completely closed their doors on the East Bank are the New Diamond/Grove Primary School, the Peters Hall Primary School and the Providence Primary School.

In Linden, the majority of schools were closed; students were sent home from the New Silver City Secondary School, the Christiansburg/Wismar Secondary and Pine St Nursery.

Teachers of Linden protest outside the Region’s Education Office

At the New Diamond/Grove Primary School, a mother expressed frustration as there was no one in authority who could advise on what can be done.

Another mother said she will keep her son away for the entire week and see what unfolds.

Three teachers showed up but reportedly told parents that they only came to drop off some items and then head out to join the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) in their protest action outside of the Ministry of Education’s Brickdam Office.

When News Room departed, many parents were still sticking around to see if any teacher will show up to advise on what they can do about their children’s education.

Over at the Providence and Peters Hall Primary Schools, parents were advised to follow the news so they will know when to send their children to school.

When News Room arrived at the two institutions, parents were leading their children away from the schools. In both cases, the Head Teachers showed up to inform parents that there will be no classes in sessions and advised that they take their kids home.

At the Diamond Secondary School, students were ushered into their classrooms even though the head teacher is on strike.

Teachers from Moruca are on strike

Despite the complete shutdown of some schools, there are some institutions that are still functioning despite the absence of some teachers.

Teachers turned up at Enmore Hope Primary and classes as per normal, while some teachers showed up at the Mon Repos Primary.

At the Graham’s Hall Primary, students and teachers were out in their numbers

Teachers from all across the country are partaking in the strike action.

On the West Coast of Demerara, there were hardly any teachers at the Stewartville Primary and Uitvlugt Secondary Schools. Leonora Secondary and the Winsor Forest Primacy schools had a full turn out of students but limited teachers.

Teachers in Bartica, Linden and Moruca are out in their numbers protesting.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) reported that Region Six indicate full turn out of teachers and students at Kildonan Primary School and other schools along the Corentyne Coast.

Meanwhile, reports from Port Kaituma indicate that the Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools are closed and the teachers are out protesting.

Teachers from Bartica are also on strike

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