Stabroek wharf to be shut down within a week


The wharf aback Stabroek Market will be shut down within a week, even though the City Council is yet to complete preparations at another site to relocate vendors.

On Wednesday, the City Council took steps to limit activities at the wharf behind the Stabroek Market; but the facility will be shut down within a week as a matter of urgency, Town Clerk Royston King announced Thursday.

“This is being done to protect the lives of those who ply their trade at that facility which has collapsed on two different occasions.

“The wharf is calamitous; no one who is not a stallholder will be allowed to linger at that facility because the situation is life-threatening,” King told a press conference at City Hall.

The Town Clerk said those who hide at night to use the facility will not be spared.

“The City Constabulary, with much assistance from the Guyana Police Force, will continue to monitor the situation at that facility, particularly at nights when we believe individuals carry out all manner of nefarious activities,” King stated.

The wharf is being shut down even though an alternative site to house the vendors is not yet fully prepared. The Town Clerk said more time is needed.

He said the City Council is working assiduously to prepare a portion of its reserve west of Parliament building to relocate vendors.

However, he said preparation of the site is taking time and substantial resources which are not within the coffers of the Council, hence the “slight setback” to relocate the vendors.

He said the City needs another two-three weeks to complete preparation of the site. He claimed that vendors are cooperative.

“The safety, protection and well-being of stallholders and those who support them are our highest priority,” King emphasised.

The Office of Clerk of Markets is being relocated to upper floor of Kitty Market.

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