Lawyer apologises, says he was frustrated with police


Attorney Ryan Crawford, whose explicit outburst towards a traffic cop was captured on video gone viral, says he was frustrated with the conduct of the policeman but he has nonetheless apologized for his language.

In a social media post, the lawyer explained that on Thursday last (September 13, 2018) he was signaled from a line of vehicles travelling on the Mahaicony Public Road by a policeman who was standing on the opposite carriage.

“After waiting for a while and not given any explanation or reason for the stop, I became angry for the detention,” he stated.

Crawford admitted that his frustration led him to using “many colourful expletives to get my point across to the officer for the illegal stops”, adding that “there were things said prior to the filming”.

The lawyer said he is not attempting to justify his behaviour, but noted that his frustration about the conduct of police officers has been brewing for a while given that he has “seen and heard of the plight of citizens of this country at the hands of some in the police force”.

Crawford nonetheless admitted that “my language was not proper as an officer for the courts nor as a member of the Bar of Guyana.”

“I apologise for my language but I’m not sorry for questioning any arbitrary authority,” he added.

The Attorney posited that he will remain “defiant” to any injustice, “especially what is happening with police brutality in the USA”.

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