Grants, housing among proposed compensation for relatives of Lindo Creek victims


The Lindo Creek Commission of Inquiry Report has recommended that family members of the miners who perished ten years ago be compensated in a variety of ways.

Eight miners were ambushed by gunmen and then their bodies burnt to nothing but bones at a diamond mining camp in Lindo Creek, Region Ten under mysterious circumstances in June 2008. In most cases, those who died were the sole breadwinners of their families, whose lives were completely upturned in light of their deaths.

The COI which was established by President David Granger to probe the circumstances surrounding the killings has proposed that each family receive some form of cash grants, housing, jobs and scholarships.

Justice Donald Trotman – who chaired the COI – told News Room that it will be up to the discretion of the Head-of-State to determine the value of monetary compensation to be given. He noted that it would be up to the families to suggest which members would be entitled to the compensation.

Justice Trotman said it was also recommended that eligible relatives be given scholarships to pursue a higher degree of education as well as have some support mechanism in place to ensure they get a job.

It is also proposed that family members be provided with some form of housing from the State.

Furthermore, counselling was also recommended, given that many family members are still grieving the loss of their loved ones.

Meanwhile, Justice Trotman said he recommended that annual memorial ceremonies be held in recognition of the miners.

“In the communities [the victims resided], there be some ceremonial gathering where senior members of the community would participate and senior members of the government should participate,” he explained.

He also recommended that the area where the miners were murdered be renamed to the ‘Arokium Hill’ given that the campsite was owned by Leonard Arokium, whose son and brother were among the victims.

The burnt remains of the eight men were discovered by the owner of the camp on June 21, 2008.

Those who perished were Dax Arokium, Cecil Arokium, Bonny Harry, Nigel Torres, Horace Drakes, Lancelot Lee and Compton Speirs.

The COI Report was handed over to the Head-of-State last early last month.



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