Upgrades for Bemichi, Chi Chi airstrips


Airstrips located at Chi Chi West in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region and Bemichi in Barima-Waini are being upgraded.

A contract totalling $118M was awarded to K.P. Thomas and Sons Contracting Incorporated for the upgrade of the Chi Chi West Airstrip, while a contract for $68.9 M was awarded to Mohamed Ramzanalli Khan Construction for work on the Bemichi airstrip.

In 2017 and for most of 2018, the Kurupung, Baramita, Kopinang, Ekereku Bottom, Annai Kaikan, Paramakatoi, Kato and Eteringbang airstrips were under rehabilitation. Despite delays with the importation of the chemical stabiliser, the work on those airstrips has been completed, the Department of Public Information (DPI) stated.

According to DPI, there are 51 licensed government operated airstrips in Guyana, of which 47 are maintained by the Aerodrome Department of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, while the remaining four are maintained by villagers

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