Kitty couple injured after gas bottle explodes, destroys home


A husband and his wife were severely injured after a gas bottle Wednesday morning exploded at their home at Railway Road, Kitty, Georgetown.

The bottom flat of the building where the couple was renting was destroyed as the impact of the explosion caused the wooden walls to crumble. The exterior step leading to the upstairs of the house was also blown off.

News Room understands that the man, identified as “Robby” was about to light the stove when the explosion occurred around 05:30hrs. The couple was preparing food to sell at the Kitty Market. Robby received severe injuries, according to neighbours, who said his entire body was on fire. His wife, named Meera, also received injuries.

They are both receiving medical attention. Police are currently at the crime scene taking statements from other tenants who reside in the upper-flat, which was not damaged.

Sitaram, a neighbour, explained to News Room that he heard a loud noise and upon investigating, saw the house on fire. He immediately alerted the tenants in the upper-flat not to exit through the door, as the step was destroyed.

He broke a window and placed a ladder to allow the persons to escape from the burning building. He also equipped himself with a fire extinguisher to douse the fire on the man’s body.

News Room will provide more details as it becomes available.

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