Archery Guyana makes headway at Heritage Games


For the fourth consecutive year, Archery Guyana Inc. partnered with the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs to host the 2018 Heritage Games Archery competition.

The competition followed the usual traditional Archery format, with the archers coming from the various regions (both male and females) using their own equipment, together with those provided by Archery Guyana.

Eliminations were held on the first day with over 50 registered participants in six divisions; Under-12 female, Under-12 Male, Youth Female 13-17, Youth Male 13-17, Adult Female 18+ and Adult Male 18+.

Targets were set at 25m for the Adult males, while Adult females and Youth divisions shot at 15 metres. The Under-12 males and females shot at 10 metres. Five ends of three arrows were shot for qualifications.

Female Adult winner Brenette Gordon of Region Four and Male Adult winner Ivor Williams of Region One

The hotly contested competition saw the finalists vying for top spots on the final day, with targets set at three different distances to be shot at (10m, 15m, 25m and moving target 10m – five ends of three arrows per target).

Last year’s Adult male winner Ivor Williams retained his title, beating Daniel Leacock and Ronnie Lewis, while Brenette Gordon came out on top for the Adult females ahead of Michelle Shuman and Joanna Samuels.

At the conclusion of the competition, the participants and general public were given a special treat with an Olympic Archery demonstration by the members of Archery Guyana to showcase the types of equipment, shooting form and range discipline. As usual, excited members of the public also came to try the sport of Archery for themselves.

The scores for the winners are as follows:

Adults (male) 18+: Ivor Williams, Region One (67 pts); Daniel Leacock, Region 10 (48 pts); Ronnie Lewis, Region Six (30 pts).

Adults (female) 18+: Brenette Gordon, Region Four (17 pts); Michelle Shuman, Region Four (14 pts); Joanna Samuels, Region Three (13 pts).

Youth (male) 13-17: Michael Hing, Region Four (44 pts); Elroy Jacobs, Region Four (41 pts); Joshua Sandwell, Region Four (33 pts)

Youth (female) 13-17: Alliyah LaCruz, Region Four (10 pts); Serena Clenkian, Region Four (8 pts); Rochelle Dundas, Region Four (4 pts).

Under-12 (male): Ranilo Kanhai, Region Two (28 pts); Nelon Lucas, Region One (13 pts), Stephon Pearson, Region Two (4 pts).

Under-12 (female): Athena Stanley, Region One (42 pts), Isabelle Ramjohn, Region Nine (27 pts)

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