Patterson feels targeted


Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson believes he is being targeted, beginning with the Auditor General’s investigation into the Durban Park Development Project to the recently launched probe by the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) into the award of a contract for the feasibility study on the new Demerara River Bridge.

“I feel that myself and my ministry is being targeted; the reasons are very obvious,” he stated.

Patterson contended that more than a year has elapsed since the Office of the Auditor General began investigating the controversial $1B Durban Park project but the probe is yet to be concluded and findings published.

“There hasn’t been a report yet and I know we provided everything (documents requested) but by not having a report, it has allowed persons with ill intentions towards my ministry to get up and use it as something against the ministry,” Patterson said.

He added that the Auditor General Deodat Sharma is “allowing people to say that my ministry is deficient”.

Regarding the SOCU investigation, the Minister accused the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) of “clutching at straws.”

It was the PPP that requested SOCU to investigate the award of the contract, following the findings of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) that laws were broken in the process.

Minister Patterson confirmed that he has submitted all documentation requested by SOCU; he is yet to be invited for questioning.

Nonetheless, he expressed satisfaction that the PPP has taken the case to SOCU.

“I am very, very glad because it shows that the PPP has confidence in SOCU by going there,” he said.


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