Free complete medical checkups at Mercy Hospital Saturday


The St Joseph Mercy Hospital (SJMH) will wrap up its 73rd anniversary with a unique “Health and Wellness Experience” on Saturday at the hospital’s grounds on Parade Street, Kingston, Georgetown.

The event will feature complete medical checkups free of charge, the hospital stated in a release.

The hospital will ensure that, in the area where various medical tests will be conducted, booths will be set up to allow for a smooth and timely transition of persons from one testing facility to another.

Visitors will also get small samples of foods appropriate for diabetics.

Pregnant women will benefit from Lamaze demonstrations.

“The hospital has carefully planned this event to capture the spirit and importance of its work and also to thank members of the communities it serves for the great support and friendship they have given over the past 73 years which has helped SJMH provide great medical and outpatient services that have provided relief and peace of mind for countless patients and families,” the Hospital stated.

To give back to the public, Saturday’s event includes features and initiatives designed to inspire and educate patrons about important techniques to promote health, fitness and well-being.

“In particular, persons who attend it will get access to free, top-quality medical services in a warm, pleasant and social atmosphere,” the hospital stated.


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