Guysons achieves globally recognised ISO certification


Guysons Oil and Gas Services, a company that is just under eight months old, has achieved a globally recognised ISO certification which has positioned it on the map to do business with other companies worldwide.

Its sister company, Guysons Engineering, which existed since1986, has also attained the ISO certification, and already, the local brand has received interests from firms in Trinidad, Brazil, Suriname and the United States.

For Guysons Oil and Gas Services, the certification is the first for a Guyanese oilfield service provider while for Guysons Engineering, it is the first machine shop to be certified through the integral support of ExxonMobil’s Centre for Local Business Development.

According to Chief Executive Officer Faizal Khan, this sterling achievement by the two local firms is a significant step towards local content in Guyana.

He said this certification allows the company to become more competitive globally and across all industries.

Since the local firm became ISO certified, the company is in high demand, with interests coming from Trinidad, Brazil, and Suriname.

In fact, Khan and other team members will be heading to Houston, Texas to have a fourth meeting with a major oil company that is interested in setting up a regional office in Guyana. Khan declined to reveal the name of the firm at this point in time.

The businessman said it costed roughly $10 million to update internal systems to meet the international standards but he asserted that it is an investment local businesses desirous of competing globally must make.

The Centre for Local Business Development is just one of several institutions which is helping Guyanese companies to lift their standards.

The Centre’s Project Director, Patrick Henry says four local companies are currently going through the process of becoming ISO certified.

The Centre for Local Business Development was opened in June 2017 and its purpose ill assist small- and medium-sized Guyanese businesses with building their capacity and improving their competitiveness in a range of sectors that serve the oil and gas and other industries.

All companies are encouraged to register with the centre, so that like Guysons, their businesses can be significantly improved.


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