100 acres of corn to be harvested at Ebini


New Frontier (NF) Agriculture, today announced that its farm at Ebini is set to harvest it’s a test crop, of approximately 100 acres of corn.

The success of this crop, planted in July, paves the way for the possibility of planting of two crops next year, a release from the company noted.

“Current projections are for a first crop of 600 acres with the possibility of a larger second crop.”

Speaking in Georgetown, while making preparations for the harvesting at Ebini, NF Agriculture Spokesperson, Fabiana Buckley, said, “we are very satisfied with the results of from this test crop since it confirms the potential of the agricultural lands here in the intermediate savannahs. We are going to continue to invest in this area as Guyana makes advances in agriculture and other areas.”

According to the release, all of the corn to be harvested this month has already been sold to local stockfeed producers.

“NF’s short-term goal is to be able to provide all of Guyana’s local stockfeed needs by 2020. In the medium-term NF expects to be able to supply the CARICOM market with corn for their stockfeed industry. Beyond that, the long-term goal is to expand to provide exports beyond the Caribbean.”

The release further noted that Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder, on a visit to the farm last month expressed satisfaction with the progress being made at Ebini by NF Agriculture.

The release quoted Minister Holder as saying, “I am impressed with the organization of this farm and this product of high quality.”

It was noted that NF Agriculture employs local residents in Ebini for all jobs on the project. There is only one foreign family on the farm.

Spokesperson Buckley said that “we are committed to providing employment for residents in the village. As we grow we are committed to supporting the local community and making direct contributions to substance farmers operating in the area.”

According to the release, NF Agriculture, while focusing on high yield, is also investing heavily in sustainability and in using techniques and products that are environmentally friendly.

The seeds being used at Ebini are produced using a seed technology that which makes the crop highly resistant to pest. This, in turn, reduces the need for the use of harmful pesticides.

Earlier this year, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between NF Agriculture Inc. and investors of Lucas do Rio Verde which will see the commencement of an Agricultural Village in Guyana’s Intermediate Savannah.

“This development will see the construction of a state of the art Research Institute, bioethanol stations, large-scale agricultural production of corn and soybean, banking institutions and many other profitable opportunities for Guyana.”

According to the release, the company, which began work here in Guyana in 2016, has had a positive impact thus far on the surrounding communities and intends to have an even greater impact in the coming months and years.

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