Prisoners hurl stones at ranks during raid at prisons


Ranks of the Joint Services came under attack today at the Lusignan Holding Bay, East Coast Demerara during a raid of cells.

Police headquarters said that the inmates hurled stones and other objects at the ranks as they executed the search of the prison.

There were raids conducted at all the prisons across the country on Saturday between 06:00 – 12:30hrs but the ranks were only attacked at the Lusignan facility.

Police reported that the following prohibited items were found across all the prisons:

1) Twenty-eight (28) cellular phones

2) In excess of thirty cell phone chargers/batteries

3) Twenty (20) smoking utensils

4) In excess of sixty-five (65) improvised weapons

5) Twenty-four (24) metal spoons

6) Eighty-four (84) cigarette lighters

7) Five (5) pairs of scissors

8) A quantity of razor blades, nails, wires, cigarettes, cannabis, sand paper, stones

9) A staple machine

10) Six (6) USB cables, four (4) SIM cards, a memory card and four (4) earplugs.

11) A tattoo machine, two mirrors, playing cards, ashtrays.

Bottles of homemade wine and pepper sauce were also found.

Some of the items found during the raid. [Guyana Police Force photos]
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