E-Networks celebrates its 15th Anniversary


E-Networks Inc., Guyana’s leading cable TV provider, celebrated a milestone this year of 15 years in business.

Founded in 2003, E-Networks has spent our existence improving the technology and broadcasting sectors in Guyana.

Started as a handful of people, E-Networks has grown to a team of over 100 Guyanese employees, offering wireless, satellite and fiber TV and internet solutions across its 4 locations countrywide.

Over the past decade and a half, E-Networks has gained an impressive track record of pioneering new technologies to Guyana, and this strength has propelled the company’s ability to provide solutions based on our customers’ specific needs.

Remarking on the company’s anniversary, Chairman, Mr. Rakesh Puri commented that E-Networks’ success, which has grown from strength to strength, comes from having a young, innovative team that is willing to learn and use knowledge to propel the industry.

Hon. Prime Minister Nagamootoo greets guests at the event

Managing Director, Vishok Persaud remarked that, “We’ve gone through many changes, but we remain as focused as ever on developing talent within our company, and committed to providing the best-in-class service to each of our valued customers. This celebration represents not just an opportunity to celebrate our past but also to look to the future in anticipation for what comes next.”

In commemoration of this milestone, E-Networks hosted a cocktail reception on October 5, with the company’s clients, partners, employees and government, diplomatic and parliamentary officials in attendance.

At the event, Hon. Prime Minister Nagamootoo, in a pre-recorded speech, congratulated E-Networks for emerging as the leader in Guyana for innovative cable television services – one which he and his wife, Ms. Sita Nagamootoo, personally utilise and enjoy.

A section of the gathering at the event

The Prime Minister further stated his confidence in E-Networks continuing to provide services to Guyanese that are not otherwise available, and he looked forward to the company expanding into a provider of mobile phone services.

The Prime Minister applauded what he termed as an invaluable contribution by E-Networks to Guyana’s digital revolution as an authentic, indigenous Guyanese broadcasting and telecommunications business, providing jobs for Guyanese.

Chairman of the National Broadcasting Authority, Mr. Leslie Sobers also paid complimentary remarks to E-Networks, and commended the company for distinguishing itself in meeting the education and entertainment needs of Guyana.

E-Networks expresses our heartfelt appreciation to our employees, partners and customers for their contribution to our success: it is your support that encourages us to keep thinking and growing. (E-Networks)

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