Black Bush family badly beaten as bandits hunt for ‘Merica’ man and money


Six armed bandits on Monday night badly beat a Black Bush Polder family as they looked for money a visiting relative had withdrawn from the bank.

The family is lamenting delayed action by the Police who refused to take a report at one Station and directed them to another.

The lone female at home, Rajkumarie Hemchand, was stripped and trampled on by the bandits on her kitchen floor as they demanded money. Hemchand’s son and a family friend were at home at the time and were badly beaten.

The family had withdrawn $7 million from the bank Friday last to buy fuel pending the opening of a Gas Station in the area. Hemchand’s brother had arrived in the country ahead of the opening of the Gas Station.

The house where the robbery took place

Hemchand said that the bandits pounced on them at around 23:00 hrs asking for the ‘Merica man” and demanding the money.

The bandits ransacked the entire upper flat of the building until they found the money. They then made good their escape.

Hemchand’s brother, who had left to accompany a friend home, was alerted and as he was in the vicinity of the No.51 Police Station, he immediately reported the matter.

The family’s Gas Station which was due for opening soon

However, his report was refused and he was told to report the matter to the Police Station at Mibicuri, Black Bush Police Station.

Hemchand said she and her family were even afraid to go out to seek medical attention at that hour; and so on Tuesday morning, they went both to the Black Bush Police Station to report the matter and to go to the hospital.

The Police never showed up to their home until noon Tuesday.

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