Gov’t responds to concerns of Leguan residents


The Ministry of Public Infrastructure is urging farmers in Leguan, Region Three to desist from driving combines or other tracked vehicles directly on the road.

The Ministry’s call came in response to concerns raised by residents in sections of the press about the practice which leaves mud strewn on the roadways, affecting pedestrians and commuters within the Island.

Residents also raised concerns about the condition of the roadway and called on the Ministry to fix it.

In a statement from the Ministry on Thursday, it was noted that a maintenance crew was deployed to Leguan to maintain the roads continually.

Quoting Engineer, Mr. Seenarine Nandram who is assigned to District Three, the Ministry said the maintenance crew routinely fix potholes and other failed sections along the existing road networks.

Nandram, according to the Ministry, said the crew would work along with a team from the Sea Defence to facilitate emergency works on vulnerable sites during high tide alerts.

At present, it was noted that the combined work teams are cleaning the public road from Maryville to Blenheim at least twice per week to prevent dust and mud pollution in the communities with excessive traffic.

So far, the Ministry said cleaning of roads leading to Maryville Primary School, the Police Station, Government Buildings and the Secondary School at Enterprise Village, has been completed.

The maintenance crew is also engaged in the spraying, cleaning and clearing of roadside drains in order to provide rainfall runoff which will prevent flooding in the Leguan area.

Additionally, Senior Engineer and Manager of the Special Projects Unit within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Lawrence Mentis advised that residents of Leguan should expect rehabilitation works to begin in November of this year.

Construction materials are currently being sourced and will be transported to the Island, the Ministry said.

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