Woman brutally stabbed to death, boyfriend arrested


A woman was Sunday morning fatally stabbed to death and dumped in a trench, allegedly by her boyfriend in the presence of villagers at Queenstown, Corriverton, Beribce.

News Room understands that Itesha Frank, 38, was attacked at around 08:30hrs by her boyfriend who allegedly slashed her throat and stabbed her multiple times about the body.

Frank’s body was fully covered in mud as she was pulled out of the trench.

The couple was observed embroiled in a heated argument and according to eyewitnesses, as they walked out of the street, the man, known as “Rastaman” suddenly grabbed the woman and stabbed her multiple times.

The woman’s screams alerted neighbours who rushed to the scene but no one intervened because they were scared.

“The man had the knife dashing it around plus he mad, people was frighten they get bore up too,” an eyewitness told News Room.

News Room was informed that Frank is originally from Georgetown but she moved to Berbice about a month ago to work at a bar. Villagers said she is involved in prostitution.

News Room understands that for the last two weeks, she and her boyfriend were having a lot of arguments, presumably about her ‘side job’.

Villagers say the boyfriend found out that she went to “work” last night and was upset.

The suspect was deported from the USA about ten years ago and is reportedly mentally challenged, police said.

The suspect and the victim began living together just about two weeks ago, police noted.

He has since been arrested and is assisting with the investigation.

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