Guyanese family seeking answers after son’s body found in Venezuela


A Guyanese family in Port Kaituma, Region One is looking for answers after the body of their 23-year-old son was discovered in the Orinoco River in Venezuela on Monday.

The discovery was made by a boat operator in the area.

Anthony Bacchus, a father of one, who lived in Breza del Sul in Venezuela for some time, was found almost submerged in the river with his shirt covering his face.

According to the man’s mother, ShelyFharida, her son worked a passenger boat that transported persons from Guyana to Venezuela and vice versa.

“I was told he got killed in Venezuela but I am not getting any more information,” the distraught woman said.

Body discovered

News Room understands that Bacchus along with his Bowman was abducted at about 05:00hrs on Sunday. The reason for their abduction is said to be ransom.

At the time, both the Venezuelan gang, Sindicato and a Colombian gang, Guerillas were said to be in the area.

Earlier this year, concerns were raised about Guyanese being killed by Venezuelan gangs in the areas close to the Guyana-Venezuela border. Residents in Region One also complained about being terrorized and as a result, the Government increased security in the border regions.

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