CMRC: Stephen Vieira suits up with an eye on Team Mohamed’s


Multiple Caribbean Motor Bike champion Stephen Vieira will be back on the track for the final leg of the 2018 Caribbean Motor Racing Championships (CMRC) on November 11 with a deep desire to challenge Team Mohamed’s group of professional riders.

“It is very good but yet very tough to be [back at south Dakota on a bike], fitness an everything is tough. There is a lot of motivation, there is the American boys so there is a lot of motivation to push myself,” he told News Room Sport.

Vieira, who is nicknamed the local Valentino Rossi for his daredevil attitude, is back after one-year absence from the two-wheel action.

It has been just over one week preparation with a 2012 Kawasaki, and providing he gets enough time greasing his technique with the bike and an improvement with fitness, he is fancying his chances against Team Mohamed’s professional riders, who have yet to taste defeat from a local.

Reigning CMRC champion Bryce Prince, who is also a former Moto America GP champion, and British Rider Matt Truelove and Josh Herrin, another Moto America rider, are expected to descend on Guyana under the Team Mohamed’s banner.

“It is good [the bike]; we are trying to fine tune it. That is what I am really working on. I know the track very well but the bike has to be very competitive since the guys are very fast. Let’s see, I am working on it for the fans, I am working out for the country.”

He added, “I have to give it more of my heart, the bike itself cannot do it, I have to go the extra mile and hope for the best.”

Vieira, further stated he is happy for the new competition since it raises the level of the sport. “More competition is better for the sport, I am glad Mohamed’s set a range for us to compete with the best because we could not probably ever go away to race and they made it possible for them come here.”

Riders from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago are expected to join a competitive local field on the grid come November.

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