Mobil 1 riding with Matthew Vieira for CMRC


Motor biker Matthew Vieira and machine lubricant giant Mobil 1 have partnered ahead of the final round of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships (CMRC) in November at South Dakota.

Mobil 1 is a brand of synthetic motor oil and other automotive lubrication products. Originally developed by the Mobil oil company, it is marketed globally, and distributed locally by DeSinco Trading Limited.

The linkage of the two could not be more timely with the final round of the Caribbean championships slated for November 10-11. To signify the partnership, and the presentation of a $200,000 cheque, a simple ceremony was held on Thursday at DeSinco’s headquarters located at Industrial Site, Eccles.

Brand Manager, John Maikoo, noted they picked Vieira for his exemplary record on the track and they hope the partnership can be long-lasting.

“Mobil is one of the largest racing lubricant brand in the world and we thought it was fit to sponsor a really good rider like Matthew. We know he is an ace and the brand is happy to be associated with him and it is a long-term initiative. We are looking for the best results because Mobil is the best oil in the world.”

Matthew Vieira’s Yamaha R6 will now be branded Mobil 1

The 21-year-old, who is a former Caribbean Motor Bike champion, stated he hopes to give the brand due recognition by producing some impressive performances on the track.

“I am very thankful for Mobil for choosing me and giving me this great opportunity to showcase their brand and of course I bought a lot of Mobil 1 for my bike and I look forward to giving them the recognition they deserve in this country and hopefully the relationship can go on for many years,” Vieira stated.

Frank DeAbreu, Managing Director for DeSinco Limited, spoke of the gains of supporting young talents.  “Many years ago I started a similar project with cycling where I gave a young cyclist and today he [Geron Williams] is among Guyana’s leading cyclist and is well known in the Caribbean and even America.”

He added, “Today we move on to motor racing and this young Vieira I knew his parents before he was born. All my life I associated the Vieiras as motor racers. Eric Vieira, Frankie Vieira are all history of motor racing in Guyana and I am proud that I can be of assistance to this young man who I believe the name alone will say much for motor racing in Guyana.”

Though Vieira is in second place on points for the Caribbean title, overcoming Team Mohamed’s Matt Truelove is a humongous undertaking. However, he can give his new sponsor the best gift, the gift of victory, should he hold on to the lead for the local championship.

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