Soldiers accused of horrific rape of Essequibo woman granted bail


The two soldiers who are accused of raping an Essequibo girl in the presence of her boyfriend were today granted bail.

The victim has been severely traumatised since the incident took place over a week ago and no counselling has been provided to her; in fact, relatives said she is being told to travel to Georgetown on Saturday to get counselling.

The soldiers are Rawlston Reid, 22, of Dutch Four Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara and Isaiah Rawlins, 21, of Wisroc, Linden.

Relatives covered the men’s head with towels and Police tried to prevent the media from filming the men as they left the Suddie Magistrate’s Court.

The men appeared before Magistrate Esther Sam and were granted bail in the sum of $300,000 each.

They were told to report to Essequibo Police every morning. They were also ordered to stay 200 feet away from the victim and make no contact with the victim whatsoever.

It is alleged that the soldiers raped the 26-year-old woman and robbed her boyfriend at Anna Regina on October 13 last.

No charges were brought against the men regarding the robbery.

Reports indicate that the woman and her male partner were at the Anna Regina ground liming when the soldiers attacked them.

It is claimed that the soldiers first demanded money and then snatched the boyfriend’s chain. They then suggested that the couple have sex while they watched.

When the couple resisted, the two men then took turns in raping the woman; as one raped the woman, the other beat the boyfriend and choked him to the ground to force him to watch.

Army headquarters had said the men were put under close arrest Sunday; there is no indication that they have been dismissed.

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