City Constabulary lacks resources to police entire city


As the Christmas season is approaching, the City Constabulary is preparing to launch its Christmas Policing Plan, but Chief Constable, Andrew Foo on Friday disclosed that there will only be patrols in the busy areas around Georgetown due to lack of resources.

“It is our responsibility to ensure that not only stall holders but also citizens and other stakeholders are protected,” he said at a press conference at City Hall on Friday.

The Chief Constable has taken a decision to deploy all ranks, including those who are doing desk jobs at the Constabulary office, but there are still not enough resources, he said.

“While it may be our desire to ensure that we have that plan to cover the entire city which is 15 in terms of square miles, we’re not able to do that in keeping with the resources,” the Chief Constable told the media.

Chief Constable, Andrew Foo

As such, efforts will be confined to commercial zones, primarily the Stabroek and Bourda market areas as these are said to be prone to petty crimes.

“All of our available human and other resources will be deployed in these two areas, Avenue of the Republic, along Regent Street (because) those are areas where we’re aware are heavy in terms commercial activities and therefore it is important that we have a policing presence,” he said.

Uniformed, as well as plainclothes ranks, will be present on the streets along with ranks of the Guyana Police force to deter thieves and armed robbers.


Earlier this year, the City police reported an increase in gang-related robberies around the Stabroek and Bourda Market areas. 

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