Bishop Edghill claims attempts being made on his life 


Opposition Parliamentarian and popular Bishop, Juan Edghill on Monday thanked God for sparing his life as he is engaged in a manhunt for the driver who he believes is part of a coordinated attempt to do him serious harm.

Speaking to the News Room by phone, Mr Edghill said the vehicle slammed him from the back and then attempted to run him off the road Sunday night along Mandela Avenue, between the Multilateral School and the Plaza Bridge.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Parliamentarian does not believe that it was a simple hit and run, and he is convinced that the action of the driver was well planned and executed.

“The driver just hit me from the back and continued pushing,” he said, adding that “let’s just say if it was a drunk man would he not have run into other things along the way?”

Part of the vehicle which was left at the scene.

Mr Edghill was not injured in the incident which took place around 9:30pm.

Mr Edghill could only recount that the vehicle sped off from the scene and he was unable to get a glimpse of the number plate. He recalled that the vehicle was dark in colour and should have damages to the left front side.

He was able to retrieve part of the vehicle which was left on the road.

Opposition MP, Juan Edghill

“When we googled it, it seems to be a part from a Fielder Wagon or a Premio,” he said.

The MP said he immediately called several police officers to help him get footage of the incident and contacted a senior officer who was not in the country.

A report was eventually made to the East La Penitence Police station but Mr Edghill could not say if an active police investigation is underway.

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