Driver beaten, dumped out of car in hijacking


A 40-year-old taxi driver was beaten, robbed and dumped out of his car just after midnight Sunday, Police have reported.

The victim has been identified as Dustin Greaves from West Bank Demerara.

He was operating his Back Toyota Juke car (PWW 6930) outside the Ocean Spring Hotel on Vlissengen Road Kitty, Georgetown when three men hired him to go to Kitty, Georgetown.

As the car moved off some distance, the suspects informed the driver that they wanted to go on the East Coast of Demerara instead and so the driver proceeded along the East Coast Railway Embankment.

In the vicinity of Ogle Airport road, the suspect behind the driver choked him while the other suspect in the front seat dealt him several punches about the body, demanding valuables.

The other suspect in the back seat took out a knife and dealt Greaves several cuts about the body.

Greaves was relieved of his cell phone and $15,000 cash. He was then thrown out of the vehicle and the men sped away in the car.

Greaves was assisted to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was treated and sent away.

No arrests have been made.

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